Toy Fair NYC

The Toy Fair 2020 in NYC

This past week was the Toy Fair in New York–this is the biggest toy show in the Western Hemisphere! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend and learn about all the coolest toys to hit the shelves this August! Check out some of my favorites for kids under 8 years (There certainly are some amazing collector toys and gaming toys for older kids and adults, but that wasn’t my focus being a mom of tots). 


Favorite overall STEAM toy

Circuit Explorer 

Circuit Explorer by Educational Insights was by far my favorite STEAM building system. I got to meet the creator of Circuit Explorer, Ric, who took us through the fun behind this amazing building and learning toy! The Circuit Explorer is also compatible with lego-like toys for building. Kids learn how to complete a circuit and make a spaceship turn on or shine light. This toy is expected to hit shelves in August. Check out the video!


Best new foam toys

Playfoam Pals in Unicorn Magic and Space Squad

Playfoam Pals has Unicorn Magic and Space Squad, perfect in time for Easter Baskets! Check out the adorable Pals and bright colors, so cute and new this year.


Best Coding Toys

Botley and Botley 2.0

Our family owns and loves Botley, but now he is new and improved, with a user friendly remote and some more intricate coding opportunities for older and more experienced kids.  


Coding Critters

For younger kids, there are the adorable Coding Critters that can even kiss (a feature made possible by magnetic noses!). These Critters are in the shapes of animals and come as a set. 


Best Green Toy Craft kit

Re, Cycle, Me

Such a great idea to turn trash into art! These Re, Cycle, Me craft kits give parents a boost to create fun craft projects with milk cartons, paper rolls and water bottles. 


Best Books with Plushy Toy Set

Yottoy Books

Have you read “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus?” by Mo Willems? Such a fun story, Yottoy now has the book and the pigeon for little readers. Very sweet.


Best Wooden and Non-toxic Toys

Haba wooden toys

German toy manufacturer Haba puts a new spin on classic wooden toys this year. All their wooden toys are made in Germany and they are known for safe craftsmanship made free of lead another other contaminants that will last generations. 

In addition to their wooden classics, they also have some new offerings such as this plastic puffy book that when wet change colors. Fun for water tables or bath time!


Hubelino building set with slides

This building set’s blocks are the same dimensions as legos, so can actually be compatible with your child’s existing toys. This is the first building set I’ve seen with these type of slides–very fun! Hubelino is actually owned by Haba, and all toys are made in Germany as well.


Best STEM Experience Toys

Shifu Orboot AR toy with App

This globe is a unique Augmented Reality toy used with the Shifu app that gets kids to learn about other countries, cultures and animals through interactive play! I just loved this globe that works with the Orboot app that creates an adventure for kids from the comfort of home! See my instagram post with exactly how it works here–so much STEM fun!


Mega Cyborg Hand

Cyborg Robot Toy Stem

Cyborg Glove by Thames and Kosmos is a robot glove that can be built by kids. Kids get to build their own robot glove and can use it to grip using hydraulic joints. So awesome!



This is a new company created by pediatricians and psychologists that teach kids about the human body in a very creative way. Below is an adventure where kids learn about healing. Kids 4-7 build Kids get to make their “wound” seen below and then get to “fish out the germs!”


Best Board Game for All Ages


A board game for every generation! This game is one I would love to get, as there is trivia for grandparents, parents and children without exclusion; in addition the questions are family friendly. Of course this was created by a mom. Genius!


Must have bath-time toy

MOLUK Plui Water Toy

The MOLUK Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy has actually been around for a bit, but I think is such a fun addition to bath time, water tables or the kiddie pool. It works simply by water pressure, so there is no needs for batteries! Check this out–how fun!


Best New Riding Toy

Adorable Cars from Best Ride On Cars

Check out the adorable new Vespa scooter from Best Ride On Cars! This would be any kid’s dream!


Best child invented Toy

Door Pong

Fat Brain Toys has brought on this ingenious toy created by a 12 year old boy who wanted to play his favorite ping pong with his sister who was special needs. She was unable to play traditional Ping Pong, which lead to the creation of Door Pong. I am so glad Fat Brain Toys picked this up, I am certain it will do very well in the toy market. 


Most loved Nostalgic Toys

Care Bears–who doesn’t love them?!

I grew up with Care Bears so I am completely smitten with these. I love the new “robotic” Care Bears that move their heads and light up. Each Care Bear has its own personality and sounds. So cute.


Hug a Planet

Do you remember these fluffy planets when we were children? I do. I got to meet the creator of the nostalgic Hug a Planet who now lives in Vermont and ships all over the world. Can I say, we all need to share more love to each other and our mother Earth by hugging a planet!


Tonka–our favorite trucks that get work done

Can I just say how much we love Tonka trucks? We still have trucks that my husband played with as a child, so they really are made tough. Here I am with another NY mom blogger, Gloria, from Living La Vita Mama Blog. Check her out friends!


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